When I first moved to Manhattan, finding a job seemed impossible. I had no network, no prestigious degrees or fancy ex-employers, and a big ol'employment gap. I wasn't exactly what most companies would call a desirable candidate.

The few people I knew in NYC worked for tech giants, and had recruiters *constantly* in their DMs. I was so jealous - all I wanted was a call back for a phone screen and people were begging them to consider job opportunities. I wanted opportunities to come to me.

Instead of getting frustrated - I got determined. I knew there was a way I could make myself unignorable when I was applying to job and position myself as the only and obvious candidate for the job - even when I was up against candidates with more experience and fancy Ivy League MBAs.

I started by uncovering my UAQ, which made me competitionless.

Then I updated my resume to clearly convey how my UAQ would translate into dollar signs for the lucky company that hired me.

Finally, I started positioning my personal brand on social media - and this is what ultimately had interviewers impressed by me before we even spoke, acknowledged as an expert in my field, and gave me negotiating power when I got (multiple) job offers.

I put together this special bundle to teach you exactly how to do the same.

The value of this bundle is +$200

Hi, I’m Jennifer

(aka your Career Bestie)

I immigrated to America and arrived in NYC in 2011. Without a fancy Ivy League degree, MBA, or prestigious ex-employers, I managed to land my dream job - at company that was acquired by Salesforce. I was pregnant, then on maternity leave, through the M&A, which should have been game over for my career, but instead I was promoted 5 times in three years. By the age of 32 I was headhunted to join the startup world as an executive. After spending a few years in startups, I decided to launch my own company to fulfill my real passion and purpose in life: to help people succeed at work to disrupt.

I've been featured in Newsweek, Fast Company, Business Insider, MSNBC, the NY Post, and many more publications. I also wrote a book, Career Glow Up.

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