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If you don’t see your own potential,

no one else will.

Maybe you’re just starting out in your career and want to make sure you get as far and as fast as possible. Maybe you’re a seasoned professional who is tired of being overlooked and underestimated, especially when it comes to promotion and pay increase decisions. Maybe you’re looking for a new job and don’t know how to set yourself apart from the crowd in an increasingly competitive market. Maybe you have been surviving a toxic job that has destroyed your professional confidence.

No matter what juncture of your career, there’s something crucial you need to know...

Your Unique Awesomeness Quotient (UAQ).

Your UAQ is like a unique value proposition, but deeper and broader. Because UVPs are usually used in interviews to try to gain a competitive advantage; but once you start the job, it seems to magically fade away - and you start trying to stand out but doing exactly what everyone else is doing: you working too many hours, are given a fraction of the opportunities you should get, and well, that all shows up on your paycheck (which further compounds over time - yikes).

Knowing and owning your UAQ is how you take control of your career.

It’s how you’ll get on the fast track to get the promotions, pay, praise and job offers you deserve.

And the great thing - it’s not rocket science to figure out not just what your UAQ is, but to understand exactly how it comes into play at each pivotal career moment.

For years I’ve offered the UAQ Starter Pack for free and people have had a ton of success with it. But I have had so many requests for an Expansion Pack. Something to help you dig deeper with prompts and more guidance - so I created it for you!

There’s a reason why every program I offer includes uncovering your UAQ.

It will change your career, and your life.

In the UAQ Expansion Pack, you get everything you need to uncover yours and begin bringing it to life.

  • A 17-page UAQ Expansion Pack guide with exercises and prompts to help you uncover yours (value: $22)
  • Five deep dive training modules with downloadable audio that give explainers and examples each step fo the way so you don’t get stuck (value: $444)
  • Downloadable audio files of those trainings so you can take them on the go (value $111)
  • If you decide to upgrade to my Glow Up Your Career or Toxic Job Detox programs during open enrollment, you’ll receive a credit for the amount you paid to buy the UAQ Expansion Pack
  • As always, I remove the risk and have a 30-day money back policy (value: priceless)

That’s more than $600 in value in the UAQ Expansion Pack because I want you to succeed - but with a better price sticker :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to course for?
As long as you want! I only offer strategies that are evergreen and I encourage all of my student to come back and review. Even better: when I update the course you'll get all the upgraded content for free - even when the price increases!
Do you guarantee results?
The only guarantees in life are death and taxes my friend. I can't guarantee anything without doing your internal work for you, which is not something I can do without the ability to telepathically read your mind (which would be so cool, and I bet that brain of yours is fascinating). What I can tell you is this: I've included as many prompts as I can to help you get answers you're having a hard time seeing and broke this down as simply as possible. If you put in the effort, you will find your UAQ.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We should all know my Botox approach to this by now: If you're not happy, I'm not happy. And if I'm not happy, I frown. This only leads to frown lines and the inevitable Botox bills they will induce. I prefer to skip the Botox expense (and the needles) if you aren't happy with the course, so I have a 30-day money-back policy. I'd say no questions, but I'll probably ask why you're unhappy because I want this to work for you and I believe in this process with all the bones in my body, even the broken one in my finger right now. And we can still be Career Besties without being weird about the whole thing.

Career success should be easy.

We already know it's easy for some folks - so why not you? Your UAQ is going make being successful AF professional as easy as possible.

It is the tool you'll use to spot opportunities that will skyrocket your career.

It is the tool you'll use to standout at work - because you were never born to blend in, my Career Bestie.

The UAQ Expansion pack is going to make this absurdly simple...

And I can't wait for you to get this incredible tool.

Get started now!