Set Up to Standout on LinkedIn

Get more opportunities come to you by optimizing your LinkedIn profile in less than 90 minutes.


If you don't have recruiters sliding into your DMs, your profile needs a glow-up

Fun fact: When I exited corporate my personal brand and LinkedIn profile optimization were so strong I got a job offer with a $500k/yr comp plan.

ā›” I didn't know anyone at the company.
ā›” I wasn't referred by a friend.
ā›” I definitely wasn't looking for a job

Yet the company found me and approached me based on my LinkedIn profile!

The trouble is most people get their profile setup all wrong. And TBH...

šŸ’„ It's boring AF šŸ’„

Which is so unlike you because you're not boring at all.

āœØ You are awesome āœØ

Your LinkedIn profile should be too.

I didn't want my Career Besties strolling into 2022 without flexing on their awesomeness...

So I ran a live workshop, and received so many requests to make the replay available... I'm doing just that.

What's included?

Obviously... the Set Up to Standout workshop replay (with the full Q&A). In it you'll get:

āœ… Clarity on how to market yourself on LinkedIn & standout to the right people

āœ… Optimization essentials all done (no figuring it out on your own

āœ… A profile strategy and templates to make your LinkedIn profile intriguing AF

And of course, the ability to stop, go back and review since it's pre-recorded!

In addition, the replay bundle also includes:

šŸ‘‰ The pre-session steps to make the most from the workshop

šŸ‘‰ A one-time private podcast to answer any and all questions submitted by Friday, January 21st

šŸ‘‰ The option to attend the next LIVE session if you wish (I'll be saving a seat for you, it will be sometime in Spring 2022)

Your Instructor

Jennifer Brick
Jennifer Brick

Iā€™m Jennifer and I am your Career Bestie! You probably know me from my award-winning YouTube channel or from LinkedIn, where I dish out career success secrets backed by psychology and my proven systems. I'm so glad you're here checking out how we can work together to make your career more awesome.

Course Curriculum

  Everything you need to for the workshop
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When & where is the workshop?
This bundle is going to give you INSTANT access to the replay of the Set Up to Standout workshop. In addition, if you want to attend the next live workshop, I'll save a seat for you. The date is TBD, but it will be sometime in Spring 2022.
Will you audit my LinkedIn profile to give me feedback?
While I can't do a full profile and copy review for all, if you want feedback on your headline or your bio hook I give you formulas for during the workshop, I'll give feedback on the private podcast!
What if I don't have time right now?
Good news is, it's on demand! You can break it into sections if you want, or block time 4 weeks from now to enjoy. The replay bundle is limited time only so I can offer the Q&A podcast, which is the only time sensitive thing (questions need to be submitted by January 21st). Otherwise... you can take your time. If you buy it now it's here waiting for you, AND you can still have the push of the live session in Spring 2022 (plus you lock in pricing)!

This course is closed for enrollment.