Stop Settling for Subpar Pay

You panic when salary conversations come up.

You freeze in job interviews when you're asked about your salary expectations even through you watched so many videos and memorized a 'proven' script.

When you get a job offer, you ask for more - but you're terrified they are going to take away the job offer when you do.

You listen to (bad) advice online that you can negotiate for other things instead of comp - and it's left your bank account sparse while your PTO bank runneth over.

Or you just needed a job (or to get out of a toxic job) that you panic accepted because you were took scared to talk salary.

Well... that's never going to happen again. Not after you attend this workshop

Successful Salary Negotiations Comes Down to Just 3 Things

Know Where Most People Mess Up (90% of people make this mistake)

Making this one change got my client Marie and instant $50,000 increase (without any effort)

What High Earners Know That Gets Them More Money

This mindset upgrade will completely change your energy and your confidence.

The 5 Tactical Tips That Almost Guarantee You'll Get What You Ask For

These had a company begging me to take a job for 4x the market average (high six figures)

You will learn this and more in the Slay Salary Negotiations Live Workshop

(and get a ton of bonuses to help you implement)

Here's What You Get When You Enroll in Slay Salary Negotiations:

Slay Salary Negotiations Workshop (LIVE)

This workshop is hyperfocused on getting you the strategies, mindset, and confidence to upgrade your income with ease. You'll learn the mistake you must avoid, uncover money blockers that are keeping you from getting paid, and walk away with practical tactics to increase your income.

Value: $1,000

Slay Salary Negotiations Workshop Guidebook

This guidebook makes doing the work easy. This guidebook is designed to support the workshop, but you could use it on its own whenever you need it and is a great resource to prepare for all salary conversations

Value: $50

Q&A with Jennifer

We know that tiny questions can make a big impact in helping you upgrade your money mindset and prepare your salary negotiation strategy, so we've saved time just for Q&A. If you've been to one of our workshops, you know no question is left unanswered. That's probably why about 70% of our workshop students say this is the best part of our workshops!

Value: $200

Replay + Lifetime Access

Not only do you get lifetime access to watch the replay, which means you can come back the workshop AND the resources to help you prepare for future salary conversations too - you get a downloadable audio version to make relistening simple.

Value: $300

You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonuses

These will help you implement everything you learn in the workshop to maximize your compensation upgrade!

Never Be Stumped By the Salary Question Again

So many professionals panic when it comes to numbers, and the dreaded, 'what's your desired salary' question. Well, this guide is going to end that. Learn how to identify market averages and the right way to appraise yourself in the market.

Value: $50

Know What To Say to Common Salary Objections

Companies will say some wild things to avoid increasing your compensation (and even to gaslight you into taking a bad job offer). This quick reference guide covers the most common objections you'll hear, and gives you scripts to respond with confidence.

Value: $25

Job Offer Appraisal Calculator

Salary is easy to consider, but how do you appraise a job offer with equity, quantifiable benefits like Health Credits, and more? Use this tool to quickly calculate the total compensation

Value: $40

Cost of Living Calculator

Knowing how much you need to make, including the extra you want to live your best life, will inform not just your walk away salary number, but also your target and dream salaries. Side benefit: you're going to get clear AF on your financials (ok, that's kinda scary, but it will help in the long run), empowering you to take control of your finances.

Value: $30

Compensation Maximizer Checklist

This checklist can help you find hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in additional compensation you're leaving on the table. Best of all, many of these are boosters you can immediately implement to instantly increase your income!

Value: $27

The total value of this bundle is $1,722

If you're panicking at that number - don't worry I got you a special price for the launch of this workshop 💜

Why Jennifer is Your Go to Career Bestie for Salary Negotiations (TLDR version)

While I have a long history, I can break it down into a few distinctions that give me unique knowledge on salary negotiations: I learned how to negotiate by negotiating plea bargains (highest stakes, salary is a breeze after that), I have worked in recruiting, spent most of my career as a hiring manager and executive working with startup and Fortune 500 experience, I've been on all sides of the salary negotiation more times than I can count, and my own corporate comp was well above average.

I was raised talking about money, and I was raised with both high-earner and high-net worth mindsets.

I deeply believe you are highly valuable and should be valued. The impact of your work should not just be enriching executives and investors, it should also have a direct and dramatic impact on your bank account.


When and where is the workshop?

The workshop is online so anyone can attend from wherever they are in the world. It takes place on Wednesday, April 3rd.

If I can't attend live will I get the replay?

Yes of course! In this global world it's impossible for my to pick a time that works for everyone, so this workshop will be recorded and will be available on April 4th for all who registered. And you get lifetime access to that replay so you can rewatch to your heart's content!

Does this work if I'm asking for a raise?

In my opinion this is even more important if you're asking for a pay raise. When I working for the largest SaaS company in the world, I used these tactics to get myself a $40,000/year pay raise and $10k in RSUs.

Why are you charging so little?

They very people I want to help most are statistically underpaid. While I would feel great charging $500, $1000, or even the full price for this, keeping this accessible to people who need it most is important to me. Plus, the workshop and the materials are all new so hopefully you won't get mad about a typo when you get the discount you're getting when you enroll!

How long is enrollment open?

Unenrollment will close on Sunday March 31st, or when all seats are sold.

Do I have to be negotiating a job offer to attend?

Salary negotiations start before the actual conversation. If you're in a job search or preparing to have the salary conversation with your boss, it's never too early or too late (well, unless you already had the conversation).

Disclaimer: Case studies shared and past client success do not warrant or guarantee results. A number of factors influence your results. The nature of the workshop is general education, and is not intended to provide individual consultation. Capdeca Solutions, LLC is not responsible for any errors and omissions, or individual results from the use of the educational materials provided.