Resolution: Be a bad b*tch at work

No more people pleasing.

No more being a pushover.

No more doubting your self at every step in your career.

You are ready to glow up your career and confidence and become the corporate baddie you were born to be... there's just one catch.

You have no idea how the eff how 😬

Don't worry, bestie. I got you.

The secret to becoming a baddie is to build your inner confidence to Chad levels. To know + utilize the tactics the power players user. To uncover the exact framework to accelerate your career WITHOUT adding headaches (and menty b's) to your plate.

This bundle has *everything* you need to get get started.

Here's What's Included

Career Confidence Crash Course
Get Confident AF

Confidence is contagious - but it's also fickle AF to build the way most people go about it. This course is designed to help you develop deep, internal, unshakeable confidence at work (and beyond)
(value $444)

Glow Up Your Career Series
From Stuck to Skyrocketing 🚀

Success does not require struggle. This 7 day series will make it easy AF and help you get clear on what you really want and craft a plot to make it your reality.

(value $1,700)

UAQ Expansion Pack
Uncover Your UAQ

Your UAQ is the foundation of your career success. The expansion pack will help you know, own, and show it so you get the pay, promotion and praise you deserve.

(value $88)

Power Moves Mastery (On Demand)
Don't Just Play the Game.

Don't play your toxic coworker's game. Take control, rewrite the rules, and run the game on your terms. In this on-demand workshop you'll learn how easy it is - even if you feel lost and overwhelmed by corporate politics.
(value $397)

total value of +$2,600 - but that's not what you'll pay

To ring in 2024 and your baddie vibes, the New Year's Bundle is available for a limited time at a very special price.


How long do I get access to the courses for?

All my courses have lifetime access. I want you to be able to come back to the New Year Bundle and for it to support your career and personal evolution through all your eras and vibes. Sure it's a deal, but you'll get ROI for years to come.

What if I buy it and realize it's not for me?

I've been in your seat, wondering if I was going to enroll and regret my decision. And regret my decision I have - only to find my money held hostage. I'm not here to take your money, I'm here to help. That's why I have a 14 days no questions asked money back policy (well, I might ask what your concern is in case the blocker is something I can help through so you can benefit from the bundle)

Can I just buy one course?

You could, but not all the courses included are open for enrollment, two of them cost way more than this bundle (and I don't want you to waste money), and two are currently closed for enrollment outside this bundle. So... you choose but I hope you get the deal and save 💵

I want to enroll, but I have a question...

If you have any questions, send them to info(a) and we'll do our best to help you!