Are you sick of being unseen at work?

It feels like it doesn't matter you do- you've been overlooked, undermined, and ignored at work for too long.

And you're so over it.

You are ready to do what it takes to get the visibility, recognition, and opportunities you deserve.

I put a limited time bundle together to help you

I've had HUNDREDS of requests for this one (and I heard ya, besties!)

Here's what's included in this bundle to unleash your inner black cat at work.

Become Unbothered On-Demand Workshop

If you want to channel your most badass energy at work you need to be unbothered by the BS. This workshop focuses on unpacking your toxic job and the toxic dynamics that hold you back.

(value $550)

Glow Up Your Career Series

Once you dial-in to that badass energy, it's time to stage yourself for success. The Glow Up Your Career Series has all the essentials you need to take control of (and skyrocket) your career.

(value +$1,700)

Power Moves Mastery

This is my most requested workshop for a reason! Office politics don't have to give you the ick - and they don't need to be dirty. In the on-demand version of this workshop, you'll learn the 7 power moves to establish influence and authority - even if you don't have the title at work.

(value $397)

Bundle Intro from Jennifer + Inbox Guidance for 4 weeks

There's a lot going on in this bundle - but where do you start? And what if you get stuck. While this bundle doesn't come with support, Jennifer has recorded a special introduction to this bundle, and written guidance for the month of May to help you navigate (and stay motivated) to complete the transformation from Invisible to Corporate Influencer

(value $200)

The total value of this bundle is almost $2,850... but you won't pay that.


You have questions - I have answers.

How long do I get access to the bundle?

It's yours forever bestie. You get the ondemand version of these workshops and series, guidebooks to go with, everything you need to succeed.

How long will it take?

This is self paced, but we've designed this bundle to be done over 4 weeks. Jennifer will send you prompts each week with what to focus on and which course to do. We suggest you set aside 1-2 hours a week (30 minutes a day, each workday minus Friday).

What if I realize it's not for me?

We know that until you get in, you won't know if this is the vibe for you - but we believe in this bundle, so we offer a 14 day no questions asked money back policy.

Are results guaranteed?

Only two things in life are guaranteed: death and taxes. These workshops are wildly popular, highly rated, and based on Jennifer's proven approaches - that said we're all humans so your unique situation and implementation may yield different results than another Career Bestie.

Can I enroll in the live workshop instead?

These ones aren't on the calendar right now, but Jennifer gets a couple dozen requests for each of these each week - so we put together this bundle for anyone who wants it *now.* If you're patient you can watch the calendar!

I have a question before I buy! Can I DM you?

Jennifer's DMs are unhinged, but if you have a bundle question before you buy, shoot a note to info(a)capdecasolutions(dot)com and we'll help you out.