Success does not require struggle. IMHO career success is easy AF - as long as you have the right strategy...

You need an easy to implement plan to get the promotion, pay, and praise you deserve.

As your Career Bestie, I'm here to help. I put together the Glow Up Your Career workshop series to get you going on your #careergoals so you can stop struggling and start humblebragging about your dreamy career.

By the end of the series you'll:

✅ Finally know WTF you’re doing (instead of just pretending you do).

Ridiculously simple system to slay self-doubt in 90 seconds or less.

The method to go from observer to in control of your career.

Identify EXACTLY what’s getting in the way of your dream career and create an action plan to breakdown success blockers.

The secret resource every wildly successful professional uses - and won’t tell you about.

The Glow Up Your Career Series (value $888)

The first half of the week, we'll get you the essentials - you can complete your career success action plan by Friday!

Day 1: Stop Getting It Twisted & Figure Out What You ✨Really✨ Want

Day 2: Clear Your Career Success Blockers (this will 🤯🤯🤯)

Day 3: Bring Your Career Vision to Life (without BS or Drama)

Day 4: Your Personalized Action Plan to Get Promoted, Paid, and Praised at Work

But you said 7 days, what's up with the rest?

These are implementation days - but you know me, I love bonuses so...

Day 5: Bonus Q&A (value $17)

Day 6: Bonus Career Advancement Readiness Audit (value $333)

Day 7: Bonus Instant Career Success Accelerators ($222)

Ofc, there's some sweet bonuses too...

✨ The accompanying guidebook with all the prompts and space to *do the work* (value $17)

✨ Take the training with you on the go with downloadable audio tracks (value $222)

✨ A special wallpaper pack with reminders you need for your phone and desktop backgrounds (value $5)

✨ All content is ad free - that's right, no pesky YouTube ads interrupting your eureka moment!

The total value is +$1,704... but you won't pay that.