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Trauma from your toxic job is living in your head rent free

Toxic jobs take over your life. They become all you can think about. They become all you talk about. You can't get away from it.

When you leave a toxic job, you think it ends there - only it doesn't. You're afraid your next job will become as toxic as the last. You're on edge and mistrusting of people you work with. You overperform, overdeliver, and overwork trying to prove your worth.

You doubt yourself, your confidence is trashed, and you are accepting less pay, praise, and it's costing you pay, praise, and opportunities.

You know you need to get over your toxic job to reclaim your career, confidence, and happiness, but you don't know how.

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Thinking you can get over your toxic job alone is a trauma response

I've helped tens of thousands of toxic job escapees, there are. a few patterns I've seen.

The biggest one that gets in their way, and haunted by a toxic job, is hyperindependence. In this toxic job (and probably long before it) they learned that they have to do everything by themselves. That others won't show up for them. That getting the support and encouragement to meet their basic needs is a weakness.

That they don't deserve it - and that everyone else comes before them.

But this isn't the only trauma response keeping you suffering from a toxic job.

When you have experienced workplace trauma big or small, your brain has learned to detect danger. Its primary job is to keep you safe - and miscalibrated danger detectors have it activating constantly. This is why so many people find themselves in another toxic job.

They're in the Toxic Job Loop

The Toxic Job Loop

Trauma isn't something you shake off

Let's face it, if you could have, you would have already.

If complaining to your partner, best friend, mom, and anyone else who will listen would help you heal - you would have recovered all ready.

If it just as simple as saying some affirmations to rebuild your confidence, you wouldn't be struggling. In fact, the very impacts of a toxic work environment will continually destroy your self-confidence no matter what you do to build it.

And we all know suppressing it isn't helping anything - in fact, medical research backs this is going to show up in your physical health (in addition to your mental health).

So what are you supposed to do?

It's time to get over your toxic job for real

✅ Identify the triggers your brain detects as dangers and upgrade your mental programs to exit the perpetual panic-mode you're in

Unpack the toxic beliefs and coping mechanisms you developed that are limiting your career, compensation, AND confidence now.

Rewrite stories so you stop sabotage yourself, and can get back to being the baddie you were born to be.

The problem is, most people have no idea how to do this.

Here's Why I Can Help

My interest in trauma began when I experienced my first [big-T] Trauma when I was 14. I read that people had experiences like mine would halt cognitive and emotional development. I wanted to know if that was true. Over the years I fell further and further down the rabbit hole, studying criminology and psychology, learning about healing in Restorative Justice coursework as part of my degree, and reading academic research and books on trauma.

However, it was a toxic job that led me to learn about workplace trauma and toxic work culture.

When I left my toxic job, I thought it would be over... but it wasn't. I experienced the classic symptoms of trauma when I left; panic attacks, loss of career confidence, loss of trust, and much more. I also realized the anger and hostility I carried - and the negative impacts it was having on my life and career.

In the years since I've done course work, thousands of hours of reading, and have helped tens of thousands of people get over their toxic jobs.

Unhealed trauma is holding you back from promotions, pay and praise at work should not be a luxury - which is why I'm excited to offer you

This workshop is going to change your life.

You'll learn my proprietary approach to getting over workplace trauma, rewriting stories, and releasing yourself from the toxic job ghosts that are haunting you.

You’ll leave the session with everything you need to unpack your toxic job - and begin rebuilding your career, your confidence and your compensation.

Here's What's Included ⬇️

Become Unbothered Ondemand Workshop

Begin your toxic job recovery here. This workshop is designed to help you unpack your toxic job. You'll get clarity on what made the experience toxic, debug your brain from toxic beliefs, and get you on your way to become UNBOTHERED.

Valued at $500

Become Unbothered Guidebook

This 30 page guidebook gives you space to do the work in the session and after, as well as tear out affirmations and bonuses to support your toxic job recovery.

Valued at $50

BONUS: Trauma + Toxic Job Q&A with Jennifer Brick

Get rare direct access to Jennifer to clarify questions, help you through stuck points that arise during the workshop, and help you navigate any obstacle that is holding you back from getting over your toxic job.

Valued at $200

Unlimited Replays + Downloadable Audio

Most former attendees have told us they've listened to the workshop multiple times - so we're going to make it easy for you. As well as having lifetime access to the replay, you'll be able to download the audio replay to take on the go with you.

Valued at $200

NEW BONUS ADDED - Toxic Job Prevention Guidebook

Formerly available to our Toxic Job Detox coaching clients, this newly expanded guidebook will help you spot a toxic work environment - before you find yourself in it. This guide will help you prep for the job interview, conduct company research, prepare questions, and assess the job offer.

Value: $50


Unpacking starts with understanding. In this private podcast series, I dive into what makes a job toxic, the cost of workplace trauma, and the benefits of becoming unbothered. Adapted from the Career Bestie Insider, these audio narrations by Jennifer are exclusively available when you enroll in the Become Unbothered Workshop.

Value $100

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When is the workshop?

The workshop is available on demand. You will have immediate access upon enrollment.

I can't attend the Q&A live, can I still ask questions?

Enrolled students will receive a link to submit questions if they can't make it live, and the audio recording will be distributed after the session.

Will I be totally over my toxic job by the end of this?

If you scrolly scroll scroll up to the toxic job loop - you'll also see my proprietary toxic job recovery process. This workshop is hyperfocused on getting you from awareness to release phase. Some are going to have big eurekas in the session, others are going to have those eurekas when they do the work post-session. Point is, you are in a unique place on your unique journey, this workshop seeks to get you to the next phase and give you a tool kit to continue your healing after the session ends.

If this workshop is so good, why doesn't it cost more?

As I mentioned further up, I don't think trauma recovery is a luxury. While I could charge +$1,000 and still sell this workshop out, I know some of the people who need it most have the limited resources because of their trauma (see: being underpaid is a trauma response), so I have intentionally this workshop at an accessible price point.

How is this different from Jennifer's videos?

Frankly, YouTube is limiting in what I can present and how I can present it. My workshops are action oriented, I'm there to clarify, and I can provide more resources (like guidebooks) to support you. If you look at attendee feedback, the Q&A portion is the real goal and I can't do that on YouTube.

I know I want more, can I enroll in Toxic Job Detox instead?

TJD is my most popular program, but it is not currently open for enrollment :( I might have something plotted though 👀 you might want to get on the waitlist at