Good Enough is not good enough.

Let's Talk About what a Career Glow Up Takes...

Obviously you know that having the right strategies, tactics and plan is necessary - you won't get far without those.

But you need to do more than know the right things.

You need to glow up your mindset and relationship with success.

You need to to be clear AF on what your extraordinary career and life look like.

But most importantly, you need support. A Career Bestie who's on your side, knows the answers, and will hold you accountable to your potential to guide you through your Career Glow Up.

(Hint: it's me! I'm your career bestie!)

Extraordinary was created to help you

Advance your career to the next level, whether that's a promotion into a senior level role, leadership, or something else.

Increase your pay by marketing your value and positioning you as top talent in your company and in your industry, and upgrading your money mindset.

Get the praise you deserve by establishing a network of advocates and using bragless self-promotion tactics that don't feel icky (and won't backfire).

Be clear AF on what the most extraordinary version of your career and life is, and the confidence, clarity, and tools to create it.

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Is Extraordinary right for you?

You're frustrated with where you are in your career and your life - you know that there's something more, and you could achieve more with the right support and system.

You've tried networking, self promotion, work hard, and all of the things... but your work hasn't resulted in the promotion, pay or praise you want.

You want to be in control of your career.

You don't want to settle for good enough... you want to be successful AF and have more impact, income, and influence.

Success is not solitary

Get out of your way.

The number one commonality I've seen amongst professionals who experience career stagnation is this: they try to DIY career success.

Meanwhile, the people who fast track their careers don't just accept help - they expect help.

Get the guidance, support and accountability you need to accelerate your career glow up...

Introducting the Extraordinary Career Glow Up Accelerator

Here's what's inside

10 Weeks of Guided Implementation (value +$13,800)

At least one training each week (live or on demand), plus the accompanying guidebook to implement each step and fast track your progress to create your extraordinary career & life

Group Coaching led by Jennifer Brick (value +$1,110)

You need more than information, you need to support to get through the stuck points, adapt this to your extraordinary vision, and your unique circumstance. We'll have five live calls over the ten weeks. Plus...

Accountability & SOS Support (value +$2,447)

I'll check in with you every week to help keep your career glow up on track, and will be available to answer your Qs (and be your Career Bestie to talk you through freak outs) between coaching calls.

Extraordinary Private Community (value +$597)

Upleveling your career, life and vibe requires expanding your circle to include people who are doing the same. Our private community will instantly expand your network and provide support - we're all cheering for eachother.

Rapid Implementation Templates (value +$444)

These just make life easier. From new habit trackers, to cheat sheets and quick reference guides, this puts the info you need to build your extraordinary career at your fingertips (or on your phone screen, whichev...)

Pay in Full Bonus: Signed Copy of the Career Glow Up Workbook (value $110)

When my new book releases, you will receive a signed copy with a personalized note to help you Glow On after graduating the program (expected delivery Feb 2023)

PLUS! Lifetime access to the Guided Implementation portion of the program (includes upgrades!) AND a 14-day money-back policy.

Total value: +$18,508

But you won't pay that. Not when there is special launch pricing...

Led by your Career Bestie, Jennifer Brick

I accelerated my own career from stuck AF entry level to executive in less than 4 years - as a new immigrant with no fancy degrees or network when I immigrated... and I did it the tech industry in NYC - the most city with the most concentrated population of wildly smart, ambitious and talented people.

I started mentoring and coaching people I wanted to work with to do the same.

And then I started my company to help as many people as possible glow up their careers.

Other cool things I've accomplished: Top 10 Career YouTube channel (Career Karma), featured in major media outlets regularly, oh - and I got a book deal from a major publisher (Career Glow Up comes out January 2023).

Let's talk a bit more about the program...

First things first: we're gonna get you clear AF on what you want for your career, life and bank account, your specific goals for the course, and your most marketable skills and accomplishments.

Next we're gonna make sure you don't feel time pressure using my Inventing Time Machine. It's kinda magic (but not really magic). This will move you from overwhelm to identifying and creating career accelerating impact.

You know the pressure to get sponsors and mentors and network, but it's like how the eff do I do that? As a shy introvert who has become a master networker - you'll learn my Precision Networking process and strategies to build a Network of Advocates.

Politics are required in career success, and you will become a master - or at least be on your way to mastery. You'll learn the 7 Political Power Moves at work that are non-negotiable, the 5 Types of Nightware Coworker (and how to deal with them), non-gross strategies to market yourself like a PR pro, and how to play the game by the rules that work so you can change the game.

Oh, and that life and money stuff. We have time saved just to upgrade your money mindset (so you're cool with talking money, negotiating and making more than you can spend), and how to live your extraordinary life vibe to put the finishing touches on your glow up.

Plus of course you get coaching, support and accountability each step of the way.

Let's do this, Career Bestie!

Frequently Asked Q's

How long is the program?

The coaching and on-demand support are for 10 weeks. After that, you still get access to all the training and resources for life, including updates and expansions.

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for professionals who want to create an extraordinary career and remove as much of the frustration, freakouts, and let's be honestly, flailing and failing from the process.

What's included?

Weekly trainings, bi-weekly coaching for 10 weeks, templates and resources, and a private community. More deets are above!

How much time will it take?

The trainings will be about an hour per week, plus implementation time. The program was designed to be the lowest effort with the highest impact - but success requires work! Expect about 5 hours per week on average.

Will this help me find a new job?

Let's be super clear so no one gets it twisted: this is not a job search course. There are resources included, and in fact, glow up your career will help jobs come to you, but if you're looking for resume writing and mock interviews type stuff - this isn't a good fit.

What happened to the Career Glow Up Accelerator?

This is the glowed up version. I've personally had major uplevels and awareness brought to lifestyle and money mindset I think are crucial. The mission is really to help you be the most extraordinary you that you want to be... so this fit 💜

I'm considering other courses and programs, what makes Extraordinary different?

I've gotta say: I love seeing more career progression specific programs entering the market - when I first launched mine it was one of a few. What really sets Extraordinary apart is a few things: First my personal experience. New York truly is a city that you have to know your 💩 to succeed - and I did as an immigrant in the tech industry in both Fortune 500 and startup settings. I've also been coaching and mentoring clients on career progression for a decade and I've been a coach for 25 years. Second, you've probably noticed I'm a nerd. My approach is based in social sciences (psychology, sociology, criminology), and is trauma-informed, which is crucial for anyone who has experienced a toxic workplace. Third: as your Career Bestie, I'm going to give you tough truths to help you succeed (even if you won't like me for a minute), but I'm also going to be your most reliable cheerleader. Finally, and this one is hippie dippy: I'm an empath with a strong *knowing* based on academic knowledge and gut - I leverage that in my coaching.

Will this work for me?

I have total confidence in the process, I've watched it work hundreds of times. The real question is: will you work for it? Because if the answer is yes, what are you waiting for, bestie?